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Mary Levy of Birmingham, Alabama, returned home to the community where she was born and raised.  "Moving back to Alabama in February 2002 after having been a New Yorker for many years was initially quite a challenge," Mary told us.  She found her perfect house and has made it her home, as well as her office, enjoying the milder temperatures, Southern hospitality, and living close to her son, once more.

 Mary has made herself even more at home by scoping all of the work she can "get her hands on."  She works from her home office, doing remote real-time scoping, continuing to work for reporters from various locations throughout the US, however, very often for New York reporters, not only scoping daily trial and deposition transcripts, but also full voice to text scoping in expedited and standard turnaround-time.  She explained, "My executive staff (photos appear on the CAT systems page) are great company!"

 Mary has enjoyed renewing some old acquaintances and has made many new ones but is always looking toward making new business contacts, as well.

 Anyone interested in taking advantage of Mary's veteran scoping services can call 800-273-8330 (code 00) or e-mail her at maryscopes@aol.comShe'll be delighted to discuss work, her experience, turnaround times, and her reasonable rates.

  Ask Mary how Daily Copy could be so much easier with the right scopist!                   Your Scopist Angel


"Scopist Angel" drawn by
Terri McGaffin for Mary Levy

5128 Scenic View Drive
Birmingham, AL  35210
1-800-273-8330  (CODE OO)

SHORTHAND: Gregg Shorthand 120 WPM 
WORD Transcription Speed (Tape) - 100+ WPM
PROCESSING Wordperfect
BILLING Billing Paralegal, Quorum Accounting System
SYSTEMS: Continental Data Systems Attorney Billing System
AT&T 7300 PC, Informix Customized Software
COURT Stenotype Institute
REPORTING (1976-1977)  100 WPM Machine Shorthand
SCOPIST/ On the Record School of Reporting
NOTEREADER: (1/7/93-4/7/93) Scoping program and Notereading Course
SYSTEMS: Total Eclipse VOX
Case Catalyst
ProCAT Winner
ProCAT Winner VR
 Mary scoped high profile cases such as the Grasso v. NYSE case, FINRA arbitrations, and the NYPD contract arbitration depositions. Mary also worked on two high profile death penalty cases in Atlanta, State of Georgia v. Brian Nichols and State of Georgia v. Chiman Rai.

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